Husband and wife team Nico and Emily Bonnaud have boutique handmade chocolate down to a fine art with their newly founded business Honest Chocolat.

“We wanted our chocolate to be real,” said Nico. “Good and truthful, so when we say our chocolate is raspberry and ginger that is exactly what you’re eating, with plenty of chocolate and lots of love.”

Nico handcrafts the chocolates in small batches using only natural ingredients and strives to create flavours that are true to their origin.

“We don’t believe in using hidden enhancers, preservatives or additives. Treating yourself now means you can treat your body to a more true product.”

Their specialty is a water ganache bonbon that is dairy free and only has a limited amount of sugar.

“We always try to keep in mind the origin of the chocolate and its flavour profile, and look for ways to showcase this.”

Following training in France, Nico found a true passion for chocolate and has worked as a pastry chef for nearly 20 years having worked with some of the best chefs in the world, one of them being French master chef Pierre Gagnaire.

Before starting his own business, Nico was the head pastry chef for Kauri Cliffs and at Peter Gordon’s Sugar Club at Auckland’s Sky Tower.

Drawing on his perfected skills, knowledge and creativity, Nico creates handcrafted chocolate piece-by-piece using flavours inspired by a variety of cultures and cuisines. His attention to detail and high standards means his chocolate is some of the best you will have ever tasted.

He has worked with other businesses to help them create bespoke chocolates that perfectly reflect their offering.

For more information or to order for your business contact Nico on 021 422 971 or