Carlton & United Breweries’ Pure Blonde Organic Lager is pulling no punches with their latest billboard-centric marketing scheme. The adverts displayed around Australia contain the entire recipe and brewing process of the beer, as well as mentioning the accredited organic certification. The beer is certified organic by the Australian Certified Organic.

“To ensure people know exactly what’s in Pure Blond Organic Lager, we are publishing the entire recipe and brewing process,” said Brian Phan, Carlton & United Breweries marketing VP. “Now anyone in the world from competitors to home brewers can make their own Pure Blonde Organic Lager. It’s a disruptive marketing campaign for a disruptive new product.”

In addition to the launch of the new Pure Blonde Organic Lager, Carlton & United is also launching Pure Blonde Organic Cider, with 60 percent less sugar and 60 percent fewer carbs than regular cider.

Pure Blonde was initially launched in 2004 as a beer with fewer calories than its competitors. The new drop will contain 80 percent fewer carbs than regular beer.