Black is a home-crafted sauce that came about years ago when Tracey Steel and her mother-in-law noticed a distinct change in flavour of Worcestershire sauce. Over time, and after many taste tests from family and friends, Steel arrived at the final recipe, and Black was born. It took a lot of time to convince Steel to produce it and sell commercially; she was uncertain as to whether or not it would be well-received by anyone other than her family and friends.  Little did she know how quickly people would be to fall in love with it. Looking forward, Steel's goal is to have Black throughout New Zealand and across the globe.

The flavour profile of Black is savoury, sweet, a little punchy and very versatile.  It goes well with all meats, fish, eggs and is particularly lovely in a Bloody Mary.  Steel says only your imagination limits you in terms of what you can put it with.

Vegan and Vegetarian-friendly, this is Steel's 21st-century version of Worcestershire sauce and it's much easier to pronounce. For more information visit