Baking, Botanicals, and Showing off Your Best

When it comes to baked goods, consumers are swayed by taste, quality and visual appeal.  The pandemic has meant that consumers are also looking for products with healthy options and those that create celebratory moments.

The use of botanicals is trending across the f&b sector, and bakers are incorporating botanicals to give some old favourites a new twist. Bakers are creating botanical breads innovating new flavours, and branching out from traditional tastes to create new flavour offerings.

Some botanicals can have intense flavours, and these require careful trial and error when paring with either sweet or savoury, as a small addition can go a long way. Botanicals can be used in baked goods or included in the icing, filling or garnish.

Post-pandemic consumers are looking to celebrate moments and create experiences. This has unleashed a world of garnished, sprinkles, toppings and themed products. These are popping up with unique textures, and innovation is driving strong interest from consumers.

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