Australian San Churro Chocolateria Expands Vegan Menu

San Churro Chocolateria in Australia has expanded their vegan offerings, bringing the total amount of vegan products to over 40. This latest move is a part of the Spanish-inspired chocolateria’s ‘mi casa su casa’ commitment to customers.

The new products will be available across Australia from 8th of May and will feature the headlining chocolate, vegan milk chocolate. San Churro assures that the vegan milk chocolate has the same creamy deliciousness of regular milk chocolate without overpowering base flavours.

The versatility of chocolate is fantastic, and San Churro is not holding back. The vegan milk chocolate can be enjoyed with over 11 of their other new products including a hot chocolate, and a mini churros snack pack. Tarran Grummisch, national marketing manager for San Churro, said, “Over the last year, our vegan range has grown exponentially in response to the overwhelming feedback we have received from customers. The brand is committed to being inclusive of all dietary needs, delivering memorable shared dessert experiences to all people. As our customers’ needs change, so do we.”