Maggie Gray and Tim van der Werff

The Auckland Food Truck Collective is an encompassing collective that gets similar-minded, and similarly interested people together for the love of all things food truck related.

Founded by Tim van der Werff and Maggie Gray, the collective was initially the result of lack of business for their own food trucks during the winter months. Through an event in September of 2016, they were encouraged to continue organising collaborative events so that the word on food trucks could spread. Since then, food truck-related events have grown to include Food Truck Fridays in Britomart, the monthly Te Atatu Night Markets which support not only food vendors, but artisan craft stalls and businesses, as well as an exciting lineup of events scheduled for summer.

The collective is an excellent way for people to get involved in the industry. While Gray said that vendors are to be professional and share in the vision of the collective, the food and camaraderie are equally important. “Our mission is not to just create events, but to create experiences and bring communities together who share a love for great food.”

One of the Food Truck Collective’s main objectives is sustainability. Gray said that food trucks looking to get involved in the collective must share their vision to reduce waste as much as possible. Gray noted that they work closely with We Compost for all of the events to make sure that waste is disposed of correctly. Another reason that Gray and van der Werff enjoy running the collective is that they understand firsthand the difficulties involved in running a small business—any chance to help others through their small business journey is one they cherish.

For more information on the Auckland Food Truck Collective, visit their website: