Amazon to shut restaurant delivery service Inc. announced that they would be shutting down the Amazon Restaurant delivery service on June 24th.

An Amazon spokesperson said, “We will be discontinuing the Amazon Restaurants business in the U.S. A small fraction of Amazon employees are affected by this decision, and many of those affected have already found new roles at Amazon. Employees will be offered personalised support to find a new role within, or outside of, the company.”

Amazon’s Restaurant delivery services have been active for four years, but the rise in competition has seen its decline. Amazon’s delivery services were available in 20 U.S. cities, as well as in London. However, the London branch had already shut last year.

While Amazon’s personal delivery service has been disbanded, last month, Amazon led a US$575 million funding round for Deliveroo, a U.K.-based food delivery company. Also, Amazon continues to deliver groceries.