3M™ pioneered the development of synthetic sorbents, spending years researching advanced microfiber technologies. The result? 3M™ Sorbents have millions of tiny microfiber pockets to absorb and hold liquids that are easy to reuse and don’t damage expensive equipment.

For use on both land and water, 3M™ Oil and Petroleum Sorbents float and repel water to clean up petroleum-based fluids. To clean up hazardous liquids, try 3M™ Chemical Sorbents, which resist reactions with most toxic chemicals, including acids. To clean up non-aggressive liquids, 3M™ Maintenance Sorbents do the trick.

Because of 3M™ Sorbents’ superior absorbency properties, they offer significant cost benefits associated with materials, labour and disposal. Choose from a range of pads, rolls booms, minibooms, pillows, drum covers for use with many types of spills and tasks.

3M also carries a range of spill kits and response packs with items such as protective coveralls, safety goggles, contaminated waste bags, solvent and oil resistant gloves, 3M™ Spill Kits have everything covered, from the cleaning all the way to the disposal process. Safe and quick disposal is made easy, allowing spills to be controlled as soon as possible to minimize safety hazards and consumer and employee dissatisfaction.

For more information about 3M™ Spill Management products or the extensive range of other 3M cleaning and workplace safety solutions, visit www.3M.com/au/facilities or call Customer Service on 1300 363 565.