3M™ knows the importance of continual innovation. After conducting in-depth research on the needs and concerns of quick serve restaurants, smarter sound clarity and ergonomic design combine with the 3M™ Drive Through G5 Headset , 3M’s fifth generation of wireless headsets.

3M™ Drive Through G5 Headset G5 has everything that fast food employees need for better, more efficient communication. Featuring a revolutionary design with the latest in sound clarity technology, there’s no need to worry about background noise getting in the way of hearing an order. The headset also has detachable pods for easy in-store reparability and smart battery life indicators so you’ll never be caught by surprise with a dead battery. 3M™ Drive Through G5 Headset is comfortable and lightweight, and uses an integrated headset storage and charger unit, which can easily be mounted on a wall or stored on a table.

“Quick-service restaurants depend on the proven reliability, digital clarity and stellar support when it comes to wireless communication systems. Handling orders with speed and accuracy is crucial to ensuring customer satisfaction and repeat business. The 3M™ Drive Through G5 Headset provides food service operators the confidence of a reliable & comfortable communication system,” said Paul Abrahmas, national sales manager.


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