BP's chicken bites piled on a plate as though they are gourmet and not delightfully flavoured piles of glue and MSG

BP’s Wild Bean Café has responded to complaints about the pricing of their chicken bites, which increased from $1 to $1.10. The bites are a cult favourite, so so popular that a Timaru man was arrested last year for the theft of 60 bites from his local BP.


bites are available in six kinds, only two of which are chicken. The chicken bites come in Southern and Memphis flavours, while the non-chicken bites are Bacon & Egg, Mac & Cheese, Mushroom Risotto, and Nacho Beef & Bean.

In response to the price complaints, Wild Bean Café has announced a combo deal: any five bites for $5. This, effectively, returns the bites to their original price of $1 – unless a consumer wants to buy fewer than five. Customer response to Wild Bean Cafe’s combo deal suggests very few consumers will purchase fewer than five bites.

The deal will be available at Wild Bean Cafés nationwide from the 23rd of October.