Woworks Rapidly Grows Portfolio

Woworks is determined to grow into one of the largest plant-based companies in the American restaurant sector. Currently in its portfolio is Frutta Bowls, Saladworks, Garbanzo Mediterranean Fresh and Simple Greek.

Woworks was formed in 2020 by Centre Lane Partners LLC, the parent company of Saladworks. In December 2020, Kelly Roddy, previously the CEO of Saladworks, was appointed to lead the new company.

Two years ago, the restaurants now part of the Woworks portfolio had a combined 92 units. Now, the company has 250 units, with another 55 due to be completed end of 2021.

This growth is not without thought, though.

Roddy explained that it is tempting to go after the segments that have been popular during the pandemic, but customers are looking for health products that are good for them and their bodies. Woworks is not interested in adding brands that are not aligned with these ideals.

Woworks is opening approximately one to two new units every week, with two to three opening every week in 2022 if projections prove accurate.

Whilst Woworks is popping up in non-traditional places, like Salt Lake City airport, there is potential everywhere.

With ghost kitchens and virtual brands on the rise, there is ample opportunity that many are just scratching the surface.

Saladworks saw an opportunity and signed a deal with Walmart, where it runs ghost kitchens in its stores. The partnership will add 90 units to the Saladworks portfolio in America and Canada by the end of 2021, offering seating, takeaways and third-party delivery.

Saladworks also opened in Giant Food stores as non-traditional units. Those units join the brand’s existing presence in hospitals where its salad robot helps deliver food to patients during Covid.

Woworks is not only expanding into non-traditional spaces, like using shipping containers as restaurant spaces, but also co-branded spaces.

According to Roddy, the second Saladworks/Frutta Bowl combination store that just opened generates twice the estimated profit.

Sales have been so strong within the unit that Roddy is questioning why one would ever open a Saladworks without a Frutta Bowl in the future.

Woworks is deeply loyal to its mission and vision and is only interested in brands that are the future of food.