World Bank-funded initiative helps PNG coffee farmers

After almost ten years, the Productive Partnership Project implemented by the Papua New Guinea Cocoa Board is reaching completion. PNG’s Coffee Industry Corporation say that the initiative has helped coffee farmers immensely.

Charles Dambui, the corporation’s chief executive, noted that the project had achieved much without overspending. “The project aims to improve the livelihoods of our farms and increase the income that they are receiving. We have realised that farmers are gaining more from linking them to better sorts of markets.”

“We have created a lot of impact. One of the things that we realised under this project was that we were able to rehabilitate coffee plants at less cost. The project has also provided assistance for farmers to maintain and prune their coffee plots and also increase the nursery of coffee at less cost.”

In addition to the farming skills and connections that have been made, the farmers are benefitting from an increased awareness of other matters like health and bookkeeping.