Wild Bean Café is Now Serving 100% Organic Certified Coffee

In a move that will offer consumers a better sustainably sourced, organic option to kick-start their day, wherever they are in the country, all Wild Bean Cafes in New Zealand have switched to using 100% organic certified coffee beans in the Wild Bean Signature and Decaf blends, as well as remaining Fairtrade.

“Coffee connoisseurs will be happy to know the flavour won’t change, remaining the same rich dark chocolate profile, full-bodied, with a lingering bitterness on the finish – with the same great taste, it’s now even better,” commented Leigh Taylor, Communications and External Affairs Manager at bp.

The demand from customers for ethically sourced products was an opportunity for bp to innovate its offering, as well as helping to make organic mainstream, accessible, and convenient. Recent research has shown that sustainability is ranked the third most important factor when Kiwis are making a purchase, after quality and price.

“After the successful launch of the Wild Bean Cafe Single Origin Colombian beans, we made the decision to make the rest of our coffee with organic certified beans too. We’re proud to say that Kiwis can now easily access a good cup of coffee using organic beans, wherever they are in New Zealand,” said Taylor.

All Wild Bean Cafes will continue to sell the Single Origin Colombian beans which already uses Fairtrade and organic certified beans.

Independent nutritionist and Founder of Feel Fresh Nutrition, Abbie O’Rourke, said the shift to using fully organic coffee beans is a welcome and positive move.

“I’m a firm believer in the benefits of organic products and often educate my clients on the benefits of consuming organic produce if possible. Not only is it good for the person consuming organic food – no nasties or pesticides – it is also a lot better for the ground in which it’s grown. Food production can take a great toll on the earth, so companies should be making every effort to lessen their impact.”

The benefits of organic are two-fold – good for you, good for the planet.

“Organic certified coffee is grown by farmers without the use of chemical fertilisers, pesticides, or any other artificial chemicals, so the coffee beans are pesticide-free, additive-free and chemical-free – which is not only beneficial for your body but also assures the health of the soil, forest and plantation in which they’re grown,” explained O’Rourke.

The producers growing the beans that end up in Wild Bean Cafe coffee do so in a way that makes the land they cultivate healthier, safer, and of higher quality. Wild Bean Cafe’s Signature Blend 100% organic certified and Fairtrade coffee is available at all Wild Bean Cafes across the country.

bp has around 1,700 trained baristas making Wild Bean Cafe coffee across its 112 stores and has been offering Fairtrade Certified coffee beans since 2008.