When Two Leaders in Innovation Meet it’s a Match Made in Culinary Heaven

Vector oven training at Esther restaurant, QT Hotel Auckland.

Burns & Ferrall, the innovative heart of Kiwi hospitality, is excited to announce its new partnership with world-leading foodservice brand, Alto-Shaam. Burns & Ferrall are the exclusive New Zealand distributors of Alto-Shaam’s range of cutting-edge kitchen solutions.

“We’re incredibly excited to welcome Alto-Shaam to the Burns & Ferrall family,” commented Burns & Ferrall director, Tony Broome.

With a long history of innovation, Alto-Shaam constantly strives to find better ways to design products that solve its customers’ challenges, an ethos shared by Burns & Ferrall.

“The two things that pop into my head when I think of Burns & Ferrall are passion and a drive to succeed, it’s a big part of why we wanted to work with them because we could see that straight away,” noted Tracy Bennett, regional sales manager for Alto-Shaam, ANZ.

Traditionally, Alto-Shaam has been known for its legacy holding technology, which was first to market back in 1957 and launched Alto-Shaam into the global market. This focus on the future of technology and the evolution of the kitchen are key aspects of the brand.

Constantly looking for ways to make operations easier, one of Alto-Shaam’s recently developed technologies is its Vector Multi-Cook Ovens.

Vector is the only oven that allows simultaneous, high-quality preparation of a wide variety of food. The secret to Vector Multi-Cook Ovens lies in the Structured Air Technology®. This innovation offers up to four ovens in one – each chamber with independent temperature, fan speed and cook time control. This oven can cook up to four different food items simultaneously with no flavour transfer.

One of Alto-Shaam’s Vector ovens was recently installed into the kitchen at Esther restaurant in the QT Hotel, Auckland, one of the hottest new boutique hotels in the city. The team at Esther enjoyed learning about the new oven right on-premise with one of Alto-Shaam’s representatives.

In an industry that has had to think on its feet and pivot operations due to the global COVID pandemic, Alto-Shaam gives foodservice businesses the ability to adapt. Providing the technology isn’t enough, however, customer connection is key.

“We knew we’d get the benefit of the direct and trusted relationship Burns & Ferrall has with its customers, that connection was really important to us,” expressed Alto-Shaam vice president APAC, Paul Harper.

“With new technology, that’s when you need a company like Burns & Ferrall, because you need that connection, and you need the ability to demonstrate. You also need someone who’s going to create excitement within the industry, and we knew we were going to get that from Burns & Ferrall.”

Another key aspect of both companies is the level of support each provides its customers. From training webinars to technical consults, Alto-Shaam strives to make the process of incorporating their technology as easy as possible. With its new state-of-the-art showroom, Burns & Ferrall are the perfect match to facilitate this level of customer support.

From humble beginnings in 1948 to an iconic commercial and domestic kitchen company, Burns & Ferrall has an established reputation for customer service excellence and product support that is second to none. This new partnership will see the benefits of Alto-Shaam’s understanding of the application of its technology, combined with the benefit of Burns & Ferrall’s understanding of the industry.

“Alto-Shaam links up perfectly with our other innovative brands,” noted Broome.

Both companies agree that despite the challenges provided by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is an exciting time for adaptation and evolution within the industry.

“Thanks to our relationship with Burns & Ferrall we can’t wait to see the application of our technology into more Kiwi hospitality businesses,” concluded Harper.