Waitangi Weekend Menu Inspiration

Stuck for a unique way to celebrate Waitangi Day on your weekend menu? Why not Waitangi Weekend Waffles?!

While the waffle might not be a traditional Kiwi delicacy, their ease of application and versatility means you can create a special menu item that everyone can enjoy.

The Little One can be used as a decadent milkshake topping - perfect for a summer long weekend.

Waffle Bros, a family of different sized Liège waffles, offers foodservice operators more flexibility for creative menu offerings with the choice of a petite 22g Little One, a 60g In-Betweener, or a larger 90g Big Bro.

The In-betweener, great for an in-between meal snack.

Like a bunch of brothers, each will fight to become the favourite at every meal occasion.

Use the Big Bro and go all out with waffles and buttermilk fried chicken!

Perhaps one will be the best coffee takeaway treat, dipped in chocolate, or even sandwiched with Sara Lee ice cream. Another may like to hang out alongside a classic brekkie. And, and of course, there’s always one striving to be the centre of attention, featured in an extraordinary waffle dessert. The options are limitless!

Waffle Bros are available from Mcain Foodservice Solutions.