New Harvest Gourmet – the Obvious Choice for Plant-based Fans

With one in three New Zealanders limiting their meat consumption, having great tasting plant-based dishes on the menu is a top priority for busy chefs.

New HARVEST GOURMET meets that growing demand head-on with a SENSATIONAL Plant-based Burger patty plus Chargrilled Pieces.

The HARVEST GOURMET SENSATIONAL Plant-based Burger patty has a great taste and texture that will have your customers wishing for more, while the HARVEST GOURMET Chargrilled Pieces have a distinctive smoky flavour that will tempt taste buds.

Made using plant-based protein derived from soy and wheat, both products are high in protein and fibre.

The HARVEST GOURMET Chargrilled Pieces are delicious and versatile. Whether you toss them into a salad, mix them into a tasty stir-fry or add them to your favourite pasta dish, they are sure to satisfy.

The HARVEST GOURMET SENSATIONAL Burger can be loaded up with salads and signature sauces to create that standout plant-based burger!

Both the HARVEST GOURMET SENSATIONAL Plant-based Burger and Chargrilled Pieces can be cooked from frozen and come in handy 2 x 2 kg bags.

Whether it’s flexitarian, vegetarian, vegan or just someone who wants to try something new and delicious, HARVEST GOURMET can deliver on all counts. Make sure you order yours today.

Now available frozen from selected foodservice distributors. For further information, visit or call 0800 830 840.