Wendy’s newest additions

For a limited time, Kiwis can get their hands on one of Wendy’s new Baconator adaptions, the ‘Dragonator’. The Dragonator is the same as a regular Baconator, but it also contains Baxter’s Original’s fiery Dragon’s Breath sauce that was awarded the title of World Champion BBQ sauce at the World Hot Sauce Awards in 2017.

In addition to the Dragonator, the new Baconator line-up also contains the ‘Jamaicanator’—a Baconator, with Jamaican Jerk sauce and an array of other Caribbean aromatics and spices.

Also, back by popular demand is the ‘Cheesanator’, the Baconator but with extra cheese. If none of that is enough, Wendy’s has also released the ‘Dragonator Fries’, a serving of fries topped with cheese, bacon, and Dragonator sauce.