Airing the Rugby World Cup as a hospitality business

The Rugby World Cup is fast approaching, and as a hospitality business that plans to air the games, it is time to get on board with Spark Sport. Spark has released prices for their various packages surrounding the World Cup, and it seems like the earlier one can get in, the cheaper it will be. Throughout May, both commercial and residential viewers will be able to purchase a ‘Super Early Bird’ package for $59.99. From June 1st until September 10th, an ‘Early Bird’ package will be available for $79.99, and from the September 11th, until November 2nd, everyone will have to pay the full price of $89.99.

Spark has revealed that commercial prices will be the same as retail prices; however, future sporting events will be priced at commercial levels. While there will be some free games played on TVNZ, there will be a delay and none of the extra features that the various packages have, like access to historical matches and other additional content.

Spark is recommending that businesses looking to stream the games live should check with their internet service provider to ensure that their internet facilities are up-to-date and able to handle live streaming HD video. Additionally, Spark is recommending that if Spark Sport is getting installed for the first time, then owners should also perhaps consult the help of an audio-visual technician to ensure that everything is set up correctly.

Jeff Latch, head of Spark Sport, said, “Spark Sport is the only place rugby fans will be able to watch every single match live. It will also be the only place fans can watch a match on demand, at the time of their choosing.”