Waitara High School’s new opportunities

Waitara High School is underway with their $2 million redevelopments which will include a café and food lab, as well as a new library, commercial kitchen, and park.

The idea behind the redevelopment of the café and food lab is that students will be put in charge of running the operations, giving them real industry experience. On top of this, fostering a community aspect within the school will help create a more profound sense of school pride. Darryl Warburton, principal of Waitara High School, said, “The ultimate aim is that the students will run it. They will set the menu, liaise with suppliers, do the branding, etc. It’s to give them an industry standard experience.” The lab will offer students a chance to obtain a level 3 certificate in hospitality as well as a year’s worth of working experience in a food facility.

On top of that, there is also hope that produce from the school’s farm will be sold here too.