Wahlburgers is Coming to New Zealand!

Wahlburgers Australia CEO Sam Mustaca
Wahlburgers Australia CEO SAM MUSTACA at the site of the first Wahlburgers Restaurant location at Circular Quay on October 08, 2021 in Sydney, NSW Australia (Photo by Christopher Khoury)

Hollywood actor, producer, businessman and philanthropist Mark Wahlberg is bringing his family burger chain, Wahlburgers, to New Zealand.

The upcoming family restaurant will be owned and operated by the Mustaca family - owners of Australia’s largest independent, family-owned cinema chain, United Cinemas. 

Located in the heart of Auckland at the former Euro Restaurant and Coley & Punch venue, Shed 22, Princess Wharf, the first Wahlburgers in New Zealand, will have a capacity of 240 guests.

Wahlberg looks forward to growing the Wahlburgers brand with the Mustaca family in New Zealand. 

“I love all the things we have in common, especially family, film, and music. I’m really looking forward to opening the first Wahlburgers in New Zealand, and I hope to visit soon,” said Wahlberg.

Sam Mustaca, CEO of United Cinemas New Zealand and WBIP (trading as Wahlburgers New Zealand), shared that they are excited to bring Wahlburgers into the experience at United Cinemas. 

“The first Wahlburgers will be in Auckland’s CBD, and we plan to roll out four more as stand-alone restaurants and at our United Cinema location in the Bay of Plenty. With really great food, beers and a fun atmosphere, we think it will be a big hit.”