McDonald’s New Zealand is trialling the McVeggie—a McDonald’s-certified plant-based vegetable patty burger. The two-week trial began this week and will last for only two weeks. To get your hands on this limited-time offering in Auckland, you’ll need to head to Mt Wellington, Royal Oak, or the Stoddard Road branches. Although the McVeggie is vegetarian, it is not vegan, as it contains cheese, and is fried in cross-contaminated oil, according to McDonald’s.

The patty in the burger is crumb-coated and is made up using potato, peas, corn, carrot and onion. In addition to the patty, the burger comes with lettuce, tomato, and garlic aioli.

McDonald’s said that in addition to gauging popularity, the trial is mostly to test cooking and preparation procedures in a restaurant environment. Should the burger pass the tests, McDonald’s have said that they will look to implement the burger permanently sometime within the next six to twelve months.