An array of Michelin-starred chefs will takeover SO/ in Auckland in late September. For six days, award-winning chefs will combine their extensive knowledge and New Zealand’s local produce to produce a culinary journey for all who are lucky enough to attend. Chefs in attendance include Michel Portos and Julien Diaz, from Marseille, Jean-François Bérard from La-Cadiere D’azur, Geoffrey Poësson from St Maxime, Yusuke Goto from Tokyo, and SO/’s very own Michelin-starred local, Marc De Passorio.

Portos is a titan of the culinary world, starting his first restaurant in 1998, which would go on to obtain one Michelin star in 2001. Following that, he moved onto Le Sait-James, where he helped the kitchen obtain its second star. In 2012, Portos was named “Cuisinier de l’année” by the Gault Millau. Since then, he has founded two more restaurants, Le Malthazar and Le Poulpe.

Diaz operates Restaurant Saisons with Guillaume Bonneaud where they blend local and Mediterranean cuisine. Through Restaurant Saisons, he received his Michelin star.

Bérard focuses on provenance and invites his diners to his table, where he uses local produce and vegetables from his garden. He can usually be found at the Bastide des Saveurs.

Poësson operates out of his own restaurant in St Maxime, where his passion for local produce has helped cement his place as an identity in the region. Poësson earned the title of “Grand Chef of Tomorrow” by the Gault & Millau guide in 2009.

Goto is the executive chef of Michelin-starred Amour, in Tokyo. Goto was raised on French cuisine by his father, who was a chef, as well. Goto drove Amour to gain its star just six months after opening.

De Passorio was raised on Réunion Island with one goal in mind—go to France, train at the highest level, and open the first Michelin-starred restaurant in the Indian Ocean; and he did just that. After falling in love with New Zealand in 2012, he has set up shop at Harbour Society, the new SO/ hotel in Auckland.

These unmissable events will run from 30th September to 5th October, and bookings can be made at www.so-auckland.com.