Using Big Data to Recover from COVID

Trickle Insights is enabling venues, bars, and restaurants the ability to benchmark their sales data against the rest of the hospitality industry. The New Zealand-based software company launched their new insights platform today to provide the industry with never before seen insights and analysis into how venues, brands, and categories are performing.

The software is the brainchild of founder Adrian Wills, himself an owner of multiple venues selling independent New Zealand beer. He has built a platform that connects to a venue’s point of sale and adds its sale data to a pool of over $110,000,000 worth of sales and counting. This gives venues access to real-time insights - including that of their peers - and highlights trends across days, weeks, or months in a way that no other industry reports have been able to offer.

“We all know 2020 was bloody hard on the hospitality industry. So, I set out to create something that could arm venues across the board with information that could enable them to make data-driven decisions they need to succeed,” commented Wills.

“There’s nothing else like this that can aggregate huge amounts of data, anonymise it, and turn it into something that venues can really use to help their business through what we all know has been a rocky time.”

Wills recently had a bit of fun assessing pouring data following St. Patrick’s Day. While a good laugh, it showed real-time insights into the market share being held by the likes of Lion and DB Breweries.

“Interestingly, Guinness absolutely dominates St Paddy’s day - to the point that it cannibalises other Irish brands that are otherwise strong the rest of the year. You might have a hunch that was the case, but Trickle has the data to prove it. We can also tell you what time the majority of it was poured, meaning venues can make better decisions about staffing requirements. It drives efficiency through data.”

Trickle Insights is available free for venues at