Uber Claims it has no Employees

An Employment Court judge has heard that Uber has never employed anyone to drive passengers or deliver food.

Chief Employment Court judge Christina Inglis​ is hearing the complicated case in Wellington to determine if there is an employment relationship between the companies that make up Uber and drivers. The case has been argued in foreign courts several times already with mixed results.

The drivers - through unions E Tū and First Union - are asking the Employment Court for a declaration that says they are employees and would have the same rights as other employees like bereavement and holiday leave and pay equity.

But lawyer for the companies Gillian Service​ told the judge that Uber was a technology business that provided, supported, and maintained the digital platforms. She said Uber never employed the four who had given evidence in the case at all in that time they were working.

Service likened Uber to other platforms such as TradeMe and Ola - which provided a marketplace only.

The hearing is expected to finish this week.