Fastest Fish and Chip Wrapper in the World!

While ‘fush and chups’ might be a beloved takeaway treat here in New Zealand, when it comes to wrapping up the fast-food favourite, the UK has us beat.

The Guinness World Record has announced the fastest time for wrapping five portions of fish and chips was broken last month in Wales. The winning time of 40.13 seconds beat the previous record, which had not been touched since 2018.

The record went to Zohaib Hussain in Cardiff, Wales who attempted the high-speed fish and chip wrapping in celebration of National Fish and Chip Day, 2022.

He officially became the fastest fish and chip wrapper at Zero Plus Fish Bar, a fish and chip joint that had been in Zohaib’s family for more than 30 years. He had become well-versed at speedy wrapping over the years, but was still nervous in front of the cameras, Guinness World Records reported.

When it comes to fish and chips, there are a few records held by Guinness. As it stands, New Zealand does not hold any of them.

The largest portion of fish and chips is 54.99kg and that record was set in a British restaurant in 2018. The most portions of fish and chips sold in eight hours was set, perhaps most frustratingly, in Melbourne. The thinnest chip went to San Francisco and the most people eating a fish and chip dinner simultaneously online was proudly organised in the UK.