Trends | Fish and Chips

One of the most iconic dishes in Kiwi culture is Fish and Chips. Universally loved, but especially in New Zealand, the blissful combination has grown from being pub grub to fine dining cuisine. There are various ways to make this famous dish a staple of the menu, as well as being a fan favourite, and an excellent hot meal on a cold winter’s night.

Fish and Chips was originally a product of the United Kingdom, by a young chef of the name Joesph Malin, who opened the very first chippy in 1860. Since then, Fish and Chips has become one of the most loved dishes, with 22 percent of the population in the United Kingdom visiting a chippy every week.

In case the batter and deep-fried mix is a cohesive fit to your menu, or simply doesn’t float your boat, then fear not; there are many alternative ways to prepare it.

Pan-fried fish is one of the simplest ways to cook fish and an excellent way to get an impactful array of flavours. Pan-fried is also a healthy way to cook fish, as well as poaching and steaming.

Explore various types of fish to fry for the dish, and the countless ways to cook potatoes that would best fit the plate. Whether roasted, mashed, wedged, sliced, or steamed, potatoes can be prepared in different ways and add many complimenting flavours to the meal.

Fish and Chips don’t have to just come in newspaper, and with the help of a chef’s signature twist, they can be an elegant addition to the menu.