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Soup is a fantastic way to use ingredients you already have, as well as try different flavours too. Soup can be served for lunch or dinner, and can be vegetable based, or even with added ingredients in the mix as well.

Vegetable soup is a popular winter dish, as it is served warm and full of flavour. Pumpkin and tomato are arguably one of the most well-known versions, but for something different try a combination of ingredients.

Carrot, cauliflower, and za’atar soup is a way to give basic vegetables a Middle Eastern spice, providing a strong flavour and colour. 

Pumpkin and pear may sound like an unusual combination, but the end result is a sweet-flavoured dish. For a bit of a twist, add some bacon for an extra bit of flavour, which provides a savoury undertone, and a touch of basil on top.

Not only is vegetable soup a delicious menu item, but it is also applicable to most diets. Vegetarian and vegan diets suit vegetable dishes, providing you advertise added meats as an option.

Chicken is another ingredient that is frequently used in soup. Explore options such as chicken and vegetable or chicken noodle proving menu favourites year on year.

Soup is great as a main meal, a starter, or an on-the-go snack. It is a great dinner for families, or a pick-me-up when studying. Surveys have suggested that just under 40 percent of restaurants offer a soup option on the menu, despite demand for soup growing by over 20 percent in the past year.