Starbucks Corp. has invested in Brightloom (formerly known as Eatsa), in a move to merge Brightloom’s digital ordering and pick up systems with Starbucks’ proprietary marketing software.

The new partnership looks to provide the industry with an all-in-one digital solution that will then be sold to brands of all sizes, including those that rival Starbucks. Brightloom’s CEO, Adam Brotman, had said that the new tech has the power to truly level the playing field. The new platform will allow small to large chains to “leapfrog” years of research and development, according to Brotman.

Brotman noted that this is in response to an industry-wide call to integrate technology with seamless customer experience.

Concerning the partnership, Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson, said, “At Starbucks, we have experienced first-hand the power that comes through digital customer connections that are relevant to the customer. The results we’ve seen in customer loyalty and frequency within our digital ecosystem speak for themselves, and we’re excited to apply these innovations toward an industry solution that elevates the customer experiences across the restaurant industry.”