Trending: Seafood

One of the most loved options on a menu is often seafood, but it can be a controversial decision. People are usually seafood lovers or dead set against it, but with new and creative ways to include seafood in standard western dishes, everyone can enjoy the best the ocean has to offer. 

A scampi hot dog is a fun way to feat upon the popular shellfish, especially when served in a gourmet way. Instead of opting for the run-of-the-mill bread roll, try a flatbread or sourdough bedding for the seafood, which can be accompanied by luscious salad condiments such as shredded iceberg lettuce and tomato. 

Another great menu item that has seen a rise on social platforms internationally in recent years is fish tacos. What could be better than freshly pan-fried fish with a drizzling of lemon juice? This popular dish has the ability to allow creativity to take over, and chefs cannot get enough of it. Fish tacos can be small, medium, or large, and are a great way to offer diners an on-the-go bite if they want one.  As far as bar snacks go, fish tacos will be a confirmed winner on every menu.

To offer those something with a bit more of a bite, chilli prawns can never go a miss. Such a simple dish has brought joy to many, and the simplicity of the dish adds to its charm. Chilli prawns can be made by simply cooking prawns with smoked paprika and olive oil, or even adding garlic or sugar for a variety of flavours. To make this a centre dish, try adding them on pasta as a garnish, or as part of a risotto. Chilli prawns are also a popular entre or bar snack, and an essential item on your menu if seafood is your speciality.

Seafood will forever have a following, and with new and exciting ways to cook it, the fans will continue to enjoy eating it too.