Starbucks is making headway in the traceability department. They have teased a feature on their app that will allow consumers to trace their beans back to their source. In addition to this, it will be able to provide information about ethical sourcing standards, farmer support centres, where the beans were roasted and brewing suggestions for the optimal cup of coffee.

Currently, Starbucks is exploring the benefits of digital traceability as a part of a two-year project as announced at the chain’s recent annual shareholder meeting. Starbucks hopes that this will encourage other companies to make similar changes, empowering farmers and cleaning up supply lines.

Jean Nkunzimana of the MISOZI Coffee Cooperative in Rwanda said, “With identity being the foundation of traceability, farmers have been able to leverage the value of being identified to create a credit history of the value of their production, as well as an acknowledgement of their self-worth.”