KFC opens motorway drive-thru

KFC has opened its first drive-thru service at a motorway service station. The new store will be open in time for the Easter weekend at the Bombay service centre, taking advantage of the almost 42,000 commuters passing by the centre every day.

“It was a natural next step for KFC to open its first drive-thru located within a motorway service centre and contribute to the restaurant offerings on this busy Bombay stopover,” said Restaurant Brands chief marketing officer, Geraldine Oldham.

“Traditionally KFC has been largely reliant on a strong surrounding residential catchment, however the demand for quick and convenient eatery options in motorway service centres such as Bombay has been steadily increasing. With this offering we’re catering to those commuters who live south of Auckland and travel to and from the city each day. The store will be open in time for Easter and we’re expecting high demand from holidaymakers travelling over the holiday period.”

KFC Bombay marks the 102nd store opening in New Zealand.