Top Red Wine Award

Andrew Quin and Siobhan Wigan, Hentley Farm Winemakers
Andrew Quin and Siobhan Wigan, Hentley Farm Winemakers

Hentley Farm’s The Old Legend Grenache 2021 from the Barossa Valley has won the Jimmy Watson Memorial Trophy for Best Young Red Wine at the Melbourne Royal Wine Awards. Hentley Farm was started by Keith and Alison Hentschke in 1997, with their first bottle of wine being released in 2002. The pinnacle achievement is something the team is still coming to terms with.

“It’s like climbing Mount Everest. Back in the early 90s, there was only one major award you could possibly win, and of course, that was the Jimmy Watson, so for the majority of my career, it has been the award to win. On my mind forever.” said Keith Hentschke.

“I can’t believe we won the Jimmy Watson full stop. Everyone knows what a great vintage 2021 was, but I think what makes it a successful wine is the lovely, full, soft tannin profile. You look at the colour, its reasonably light, you smell it, and it’s pretty and aromatic, but then you’re surprised by how much tannin drive the wine has,” said Andrew Quin, Hentley Farm Wine Maker. 

The award is known for capturing the industry and consumer attention. 

“One thing we are going to do is celebrate, and I think over the next year, maybe more, we will be celebrating this award around the country with our amazing customers,” said Hentschke.