Inspired by Puhoi Valley’s award-winning ice creams, a new range of premium flavoured milks has just hit the shelves, created by the same team that took home the Supreme Award for a Boutique Manufacturer at this year’s NZ Ice Cream Awards.
Blending milk with chocolates imported from Belgium, Puhoi Valley has introduced two flavours, Real Belgian Chocolate and Caramel & White Chocolate. Both come as a an answer to the rising demand for high-quality dairy products.
“Kiwis have always loved premium dairy products and in recent years we have seen the demand from premium milks, cheeses, yoghurts, custards and ice creams steadily increase. The launch of our organic white milk range in September and now these flavoured milks are as a result of that demand,” said the brand’s marketing manager, Amy Laing.
Caramel & White Chocolate is available in 300 ml bottles, Real Belgian Chocolate in 300 ml and 750 ml bottle sizes.