Times are a-changing at Foodfirst

Foodfirst is ready to take 2019 head on. The distribution co-operative has two new team members, Deborah Kan as key account manager and Mark Baker as business manager. CEO Eddie Gavigan says the team brings a wealth of industry knowledge and extensive experience, so has hit the ground running.

“Our focus is forward,” he said. “We’re driving the business through strategic supplier partnerships and through loyalty, innovation and creativity. We’re focusing on adding more value and growing our members’ businesses.”

The business is already seeing changes due to the new team. “Suppliers are starting to share our vision and supporting Foodfirst to stand and deliver,” Gavigan explained. “Our members are on board and proactive in what the business needs to grow.”

“We know our members are passionate and with strategic direction from Foodfirst and the support of our suppliers we will create a competitive edge and support our members to deliver ‘best in class’ practices in their business.”

Gavigan wants to make Foodfirst the leading food distribution co-operative nationally, bringing value and growth to both the customer and supplier. “We have the advantage that we can offer national distribution and are 100 percent fully owned and operated.”

Things are changing throughout the co-operative, with a new focus and direction, Foodfirst is set to capitalise on a changing market. “Foodfirst has huge potential for further growth, with a passionate board of directors and a dedicated team,” he said. “Having spent 32 years in the food industry in various roles and various countries has given me an in-depth understanding of the global food industry.”