The Styx looks to raise money for the Nelson Coastguard

The Styx in Nelson is looking to help out the Nelson Coastguard as they look to upgrade their vessel. This Sunday, between 3 pm and 6 pm, the Styx will play host to live music, food and raffle prizes to raise money towards the required $1.3 million.

Dana Hanson, The Styx owner, said, “Nelson Coastguard is our neighbour on the waterfront, and we watch them volunteer their nights and weekends to ensure everyone’s safety on the sea.” The hope is that the event will help draw in a wider range of support from the community.

The new boat will help the crews to stay on the water for longer, will come equipped with state of the art technology and increase rough weather capabilities. Pete Kara, Nelson Coastguard president, said that most people assume that funding comes from the government. However, only 12 percent of the Coastguard’s budget came from the government—not including capital costs for new vessels. In the past, replacement vessels are funded from community grants and fundraising. Money for the new boat will be required by next year, and the hope is that the boat will be on the water by the end of next year.