The Māori Kitchen

Trained chef and hāngī master, Rewi Spraggon, is bringing traditional hāngī to Auckland’s CBD. The Māori Kitchen will be open seven days a week, serving up a selection of both traditional meals and breakfast/sandwich hāngī fusions. This business will be Auckland’s first in-ground hāngī café open to the public seven days a week.

In a Facebook post, Spraggon shared his excitement to be opening The Māori Kitchen and said that future plans include partnering with Uber Eats, as well as installing a Hangi Pit for the public to view the whole cooking process.

On Spraggon’s website, he said, “When Manuhiri (visitors) come to New Zealand the biggest thing missing is Māori kai (food). Not only for our Manuhiri, but also for our own people of Aotearoa who are slowly losing their connection with the art of real Hāngi.  We want to educate New Zealanders and visitors about traditional Māori cooking techniques, but more importantly, give Kiwis a sense of pride about our indigenous food, which is over a thousand years old.”

“It’s all about spreading the message of Mānaakitanga – which is the reciprocity of hospitality and respect for the environment and each other. We want people to see, smell, taste and feel our history, first hand.”

The Māori Kitchen is located on Queens Wharf.