Brighten up your restaurant or café with the smooth and fluid Mode Stool. Made from solid American Ash, this is a stunning stool that combines durability with unique craftsmanship, ideal for any fast-paced social space. Warm and friendly, blending innovation and tradition, make a subtle yet unmissable statement through this strong and slender design.

Be the master of zoning with three different heights to choose from – 450, 650 and 750 high. The Mode has a totally customisable colour palette, with the ability to be stained or painted in any colour. Elevate this design by opting for an upholstered seat pad in a fabric of your choice with a cross stitch detail. The design combinations for this stool are limited only by your imagination, so let the Mode’s unique character enhance your environment.

For more information or to order visit www.harrows.co.nz or email sales@harrows.co.nz.