The Great QR Code Debate: Who Should be Responsible for Getting Kiwis to Scan?

There have been a few stories come to light in recent weeks of hospitality businesses offering discounts to incentivise people into scanning the New Zealand COVID Tracer App QR Codes.

It is currently mandatory for all businesses to clearly display the QR Code, but the numbers of Kiwis actually using them has declined.

Considering the fact that most modern humans are constantly attached to their mobile phones, it amazes me that people aren’t scanning in. It seems like the absolute minimal effort one can put in to help save New Zealand from going down the resurgence path so many other countries have found themselves on.

I think it’s highly commendable that some businesses have taken it upon themselves to help motivate Kiwis to do the right thing, like Auckland steakhouse, Tony’s on Wellesley street which is offering a five percent discount to customers who use the QR code.

It begs the question though, why should they have to?

I don’t think it should be the responsibility of business owners, many of whom are still struggling with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, to protect Kiwis from their own laziness. Where’s the government support?

While knowing that you’re helping protect your fellow Kiwis from a deadly virus should be enough of a reason for the average person to take the few seconds to scan in, it obviously is not, and an incentive programme is a great way to get people into the habit. But it should be the government, not small businesses who foot the bill.

Good on ya Tony’s and the other establishments doing their part for the greater good, I just wish the government had the same bright ideas and the insight to implement them.

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