In its centenary year, Anuga 2019 is set up to bring together around 7500 exhibitors from more than 100 countries. In what is expected to be the largest trade fair for food and beverage in the world, this year of Anuga highlights the most significant trading, sourcing and trend platform of the international food industry. 

Anuga’s ten trade shows under one roof concept continues this year; each area themed accordingly. 

Anuga Fine Food will be a showcase of delicatessen, gourmet and basic food. Representing the most substantial portion of Anuga, the Fine Food show showcases international cuisine and pushes the limits of foodservice and food retail. Everything will be on display here, from superfoods and functional foods to halal and free-from foods.

The Anuga Frozen Food show is the one-stop place to be for all things frozen. Being a trendsetter in the industry, the frozen market continues to develop and improve with technology and innovation. This will be the show to witness a revolution in the freezer. 

Anuga Meat will be the place to be to learn about the happenings in the meat, small goods, game and poultry sectors. Anuga Meat will be the world’s largest business platform for the meat market, bringing all the trade buyers and suppliers under one roof. Anuga Meat will also address the increasing importance of meat alternatives and will attempt to determine the future of this industry. 

The Anuga Chilled and Fresh Food show is the only place to be for fresh convenience foods, fresh delicatessen fish, fruit and vegetables. This shows displays products perfect for the busy and convenience-driven consumer. 

Anuga Dairy is the trade show specifically for milk and dairy products. Every type of cheese and yoghurt will be represented here, including leaders from each leading regional cheesemaking area. 

The Anuga Bread and Bakery sector combines all things bread and baking, and everything that is associated with them. Anuga Bread and Bakery will present a comprehensive overview of the extensive international offerings in this industry. 

Anuga Drinks offers all there is to know on beverages for the retail and foodservice trades. All target groups will be covered, from non-alcoholic beverages to alcoholic beverages. Trendsetters and innovations will be frequent at Anuga Drinks. 

The Anuga Organic exhibition will be a look at products from both inside and outside of Germany that have a focus on organic and export. The range of exhibits is enhanced by the special event ‘Anuga Organic Market’ which will focus on the organic products of Anuga exhibitors from other trade shows. 

Anuga Hot Beverages presents tea, coffee and hot chocolates in ways not seen before. Bringing these crowd favourites to the international stage on this level is something that will add to the trade. In an increasingly relevant category, this show will not be one to miss. 

Anuga Culinary Concepts will offer room for ideas, innovations and networking for all restaurateurs and chefs involved. This will be a space dedicated to discussing and growing the foodservice industry, and will play host to competitions including ‘Chef of the Year’ and ‘Patissier of the Year’. This will also be the go-to place for all things digital.