Forget the antiquated advice of drinking red wine at room temperature, originating from medieval French drawing rooms that were closer to 14°-16°C. With the average summer temperature in New Zealand ranging between 20°C and 30°C, wines might lose their finesse and flavour. Whilst this could be controlled and monitored with expensive high-tech wine fridges and thermometers, with their latest label innovation Taylors Wines have found an affordable solution.
Featured on the back of Taylors Estate and Promised Land, The Optimum Drinking Temperature Sensor uses thermo-chromatic ink technology and changes colour depending on the temperature of the wine, turning fuchsia when the red wine is just right to pour, or green when a white wine is fresh enough.
“It’s an issue that most wine lovers don’t know is having a massive impact on their enjoyment and appreciation of wine,” said Justin Taylor, company director, Asia Pacific market manager, Taylors. “Using insights and research into wine drinking habits, we’re excited to share a simple way for wine consumers to know when their wines are just right to drink.”