Domino’s has announced its biggest menu launch in over five years that is set to hit stores next week. Improvements to popular pizzas as well as a new range of pizzas, sides, ingredients and desserts are included in the launch that encourages customers to ‘Taste the Colour’.

Putting food innovation at the heart of the business and the company was sited to be the reason behind the menu launch according to Domino’s Group CEO and managing director Don Meij.

“While we have been making a lot of significant digital announcements recently, we are a pizza company at heart and the number one reason our customers keep coming back to us time and time again is because of our food which is why we are so proud to be launching our ‘Taste the Colour’ menu,” said Meij.

“For the past few years, fast food companies have been homogenising, plasticising and to some extent, dehumanising food, where it’s just something that is mass manufactured and what we consider to be ‘grey’ food.

“To really take our pizza flavours to the next level, we have improved our core range of pizzas including our BBQ Meatlovers and our Supreme, with the addition of more premium top quality toppings and ingredients including maple cured rasher bacon and cherry wood smoked leg ham as well as introduced tasty new pizzas, succulent new sides and delicious new desserts.”

Dominos looks to hire new team members and train them to keep up with customer demand.

Development chef Stefaan Codron said that the menu launch has been months in the making and something he is very proud of.

“Our product development team has been working tirelessly on ‘Taste the Colour’ for months now and we cannot wait to share our fantastic new products with pizza lovers across Australia and New Zealand,” said Codron.

Domino’s will introduce three new pizzas including a Lamb Tzatziki Pizza, BBQ Lamb and Bacon Pizza and a Creamy Chicken Carbonara Pizza as well as new side dishes including Korean Spiced Sticky Wings and Mac’n’Cheese Croquettes and three decadent new desserts with a Cookie Brownie, a Caramel Fudge Pie and a Triple Choc.

“With the introduction of premium new ingredients like slow cooked lamb, fresh mixed capsicum, parmesan cheese, fresh spring onion and caramelised onion as well as brand new items, we really are celebrating the colour of our food in our top quality ingredients.

“Our customers will be able to taste the colour and taste our improved quality ingredients from the new menu.”