Juno is the handiwork of New Plymouth husband-and-wife team Jo and Dave James. In 2015, they left their jobs to start experimenting on a kitchen bench still with gin flavour profiles and distilling techniques.

Two years on, they’ve perfected the recipe and now use pure mountain water and locally-sourced botanicals in a 400-litre still to produce their premium gin to a growing fan base nationwide. Consumers are enjoying this gin that has citrus, peppery and aromatic notes.

Riding a global wave of new-found appreciation for gin, Juno is a true celebration of New Zealand, sourcing almost all their botanicals locally. “Our Orris Root comes from Hawke’s Bay,” said Dave, “Coriander seed from the Wairarapa, we use Taranaki mountain water, we have a citrus orchard here in Taranaki and we work with a limery on the East Coast.” Even their leftover ingredients are put to good use, with used juniper berries (the main ingredient when distilling gin) sent to a local chocolatier to be used in making chocolate truffles.

With a range of flavours to celebrate each season, and bottle sizes to suit, Juno Gin is finding favour with gin lovers everywhere. For more information visit www.junogin.co.nz.