Streamlining digital ordering

Uber Eats has partnered with Olo, a digital food ordering platform, to streamline how restaurants process Uber Eats orders. Through this new partnership, Uber Eats orders can now be directly inputted into any restaurant’s order stream. This new integration removes the need for multiple different technology pieces, each connected to various delivery apps.

While this isn’t the first point-of-sale/delivery partnership, with Uber Eats’ large restaurant base, combined with Olo’s existing client base, there is room for this technology to catch on. Noah Glass, founder and CEO of Olo, said, “Our mission is to make digital ordering accessible and simple for leading restaurant brands, and we are thrilled to now be able to offer direct connectivity to Uber Eats for our thousands of restaurant partners.”

“Today’s leading restaurants recognise the importance of providing access to digital ordering through various channels. With this integration, our restaurant partners can benefit from the ordering power and scale of Uber Eats as a leading delivery option in markets across the world.”