Funny or frustrating?

A photo posted to a Reddit forum, Casual UK, has caused quite a stir amongst café goers. In a “no-nonsense” approach to coffee, a rift has opened between people who think that it is coffee sacrilege and those who can see the lighter side of things. The picture takes classic coffee brews and “simplifies” them; an Americano becomes “black coffee”; a Flat White becomes “white coffee”; a Cappuccino becomes a “frothy coffee”; a Latte becomes a “milky coffee”; a Mocha becomes a “choccy coffee”; a tea becomes “not coffee”; and a hot chocolate becomes “also not coffee”.

A seemingly harmless sign struck discord amongst Reddit users, some of whom believe that it’s making a mockery of coffee. One commenter said, “I don’t want my coffee made by people who don’t understand coffee.” Another user said that the sign reflects upon what sort of establishment the café is. Furthermore, all of the self-proclaimed baristas have taken to the same Reddit post, becoming irate over the intricacies of what defines each type of coffee. “Americano isn’t black. Americano is watered down,” said one user. In reply, another user said, “Americano is expresso with added water, so technically it is black. Just made in a different way than regular filtered black coffee.” (sic).

Although some people have criticised the café for taking such a light-hearted approach to a very serious drink, other people have commented, saying “Everyone has just taken this way too seriously.”

Signs have come into question previously, one instance being a controversial sign placed outside an Auckland café where some people believed it alluded to violence against women.

Where do you stand on the coffee sign? Is it dumbing down something that shouldn’t be dumbed down, or is it some light-hearted humour to woo the comical customer?