Stoddart NZ Ltd Acquires Halton Kitchen Ventilation

Stoddart is excited to announce that Stoddart NZ will acquire the manufacturing, sales, and installation rights for Halton Kitchen Ventilation in New Zealand from Ravenscroft.

Halton is the world leader in kitchen ventilation solutions and Ravenscroft has been engineering and supplying these solutions into New Zealand for the last 24 years. Stoddart has been manufacturing much of the product for Ravenscroft in its Brisbane factory for the last few years so the acquisition was a natural progression.

"The addition of Halton Kitchen Ventilation to our offering in New Zealand rounds out our suite of products giving the industry a broader choice, backed up by the Stoddart family's absolute commitment to product quality and customer service. I would like to thank Malcolm Ravenscroft for creating this fantastic opportunity and Halton for giving the acquisition their full endorsement," said Tony Stoddart.

“We have proudly represented the Halton Kitchen Ventilation brand in New Zealand for many years now. It has been a great journey and I am pleased to see the brand going to a good home with Stoddart. I am also very happy that John MacDonald will continue to be involved, joining Stoddart to continue building on the associations and contacts we have made over the last 24 years.”

The Halton Kitchen Ventilation brand will continue to be supported and developed by Stoddart and Halton Group. Stoddart and Ravenscroft are working together to achieve a seamless transition. Halton Kitchen Ventilation Products have numerous advantages compared to the standard kitchen ventilation units and they will continue as the leading edge of the market.

Healthier Kitchen Environments

Halton's technology captures and removes cooking vapours more effectively than standard kitchen hoods, providing better air quality and a more comfortable environment for Chefs, as well as confidence that the maximum amount of cooking fumes have been removed the kitchen in the most sustainable way possible.