Zenkuro Sake Brewery’s sake is handcrafted with passion in Queenstown. Established in 2015, it is Aotearoa/New Zealand’s first and only sake brewery.

“White Cloud” Nigori Junmaishu 14% Alc   

Crafted by lightly filtering the fermented moromi (mash) several times to leave behind just enough lees in the sake to maintain its original white colour. Zenkuro's Nigori is silky smooth, and slightly dry, making it an ideal pairing option for spicier dishes of fatty favourites such as pork belly or NZ lamb chops. Store in a cool place and serve chilled.

Wakatipu Sleeping Giant Tokubetsu Junmaishu 16% Alc

The fermented mash is transferred to bags, then gently pressed in a traditional pressing tank using local rocks as weights for the press. Strong, flavoursome and full-bodied, just like Matau, the legendary sleeping giant of Lake Wakatipu, from where they source their brewing water. Pairs well with familiar favourites such as grilled beef, paella, pizza and cheese. Enjoy chilled or warmed gently to suit the occasion.

Drip Pressed Shizuku Shibori Junmai Ginjoshu 14-15% Alc

This sake is crafted using the most extravagant pressing method. The fermented mash is poured into bags, which are hung up to allow the sake to gently filter through the mesh, using gravity alone. While the yield is low, the sake produced is soft and smooth, with gentle umami and a delicate aroma. Food pairing suggestions are fresh seafood, vegetables, yakitori, white meat dishes and cheese. Silver & Gold Medals – London Sake Challenge.

For more information, visit www.zenkuro.co.nz.