Less than two weeks after Nusret Gökçe’s Nusr-Et Steakhouse opened in Manhattan, the viral chef has come under criticism for violating New York health codes.

Gökçe’s signature move, popularised last January in a viral video, involves him salting the steak barehanded by bouncing salt off his forearm – in direct violation of clause 81.07 of the New York City Health Code, which states that “convenient and suitable utensils, disposable food grade gloves, waxed paper or an equivalent barrier shall be provided and used to prepare or serve food to eliminate bare hand contact and prevent contamination.”

It hasn’t been a happy opening for Nusr-Et. A rash of negative reviews in the first few days criticised the prices, obnoxious upselling (USD$9 for a bottle of water, tap water not available), and generally lacklustre steaks.

After the violations were first reported, Gökçe was seen wearing black rubber gloves when performing his tableside meat slicing and salting routine – however, he was still involving his forearm in the process.