Restaurant workers sleep-deprived, study finds

Over a third of all employees in the hospitality industry are dissatisfied with the amount of sleep they get, according to a new survey by In total, 37.7 percent of hospitality workers reported an insufficient amount of sleep and 47 percent said the lack of sleep meant they were looking to another job.

Another issue is a decline in work ethic brought about by a lack of sleep. Tired or fatigued workers cause up to $411 billion a year in lost productivity across all industries.

“Among employees who reported feeling tired on just one or two days each week, more than two-thirds said their organization's leaders inspired them,” the study found. “As workers reported feeling tired more frequently, they were significantly less likely to find their leaders inspiring.”

The issue isn’t new in the sector. Restaurant managers often work over 50 hours a week, and data from found that 74 percent of chefs and staff feel burnt out due to sleep deprivation. Mental health also suffers, and staff working late-night shifts often report and increasing social disconnect with family and friends who are asleep by the time they get home.


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