Restaurant goes vegan, no one notices

One of the UK’s top vegetarian restaurants switched to a completely vegan menu, and no one noticed. Richard Buckley, the owner of Acorn, in Bath, decided to make the switch towards the end of 2018 after he began to realise the impact food service could have on the dairy industry. The move saw the removal all of the vegetarian items from the menu. “We were already almost there, being about 80 to 90 percent vegan,” Buckley said. “Then it just seemed fun to go all the way and see if we could do it so well that nobody would notice.” Buckley’s innovation wasn’t simply 'veganising' what was currently available; he chose new recipes that were all plant-based. “Nobody noticed. We weren’t trying to trick people, just trying to make good food.” After around four months of secretly serving their vegan menu, news got out, and customers were also quick to praise the food. “I think it is a real validation of how far vegan food has come that people aren’t looking for lumps of animal protein and fat to make a meal, but are instead looking for interesting ideas and quality ingredients across the board.”