Researchers Produce 3D Printed Cheesecake

Columbia University engineers have used a 3-D printing machine and their innovative laser technology to assemble and cook a seven-ingredient vegan cheesecake.

The engineers experimented using a vegan cheese cake recipe, combining graham cracker paste and other ingredients to create single slice of dessert that featured cherry, banana, peanut butter and hazelnut flavours.

All ingredients used in the cheesecake slice were purchased from a grocery store in New York.

The cheesecake slice was produced in 30 minutes.

Columbia University's project marks a significant leap forward in the research surrounding using 3D printing to mechanically assemble and cook food.

The researchers said that 3D printing food can be advantageous in allowing chefs to control the nutrient content in a meal and make more customised meals. The technology can also help prevent the spread of food-borne illnesses and diseases caused by human contact with food.

Using 3D printing, or additive manufacturing, to create food has been previously used to create items like plant-based steak and candy. Some pop-up restaurants have even used the technology to create and serve entire menus using 3D printers.